Interested in keeping an “I” on your castle? Today’s surveillance technology will allow you to install the smallest of cameras in the places that you want to keep an “I” on. You can see the picture on your TV, your computer, or even your phone wirelessly from anywhere in the world! Tiger Systems offers professional home surveillance system design and installation to homes in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Interested in analog or IP cameras? Do you prefer a NVR or DVR? Do you have any idea what any of this even means? Talk to one of our project managers who can help you make sense out of the ‘alphabet soup’ of home electronics. Some of the vast ranges of services we offer include:

  • CCTV and camera system design and install
  • Integration with home automation systems
  • Access live camera feeds via smart phone or internet 24/7
  • Backup camera feeds automatically for records

We pride ourselves in offering the very best in customer service. From taking the time to carefully explain options, to working with your existing equipment, to returning calls within hours, Tiger Systems will make your project move smoothly and quickly.

Our professionals know the industry inside and out — if there’s a new technology on the market, we offer it. Have a specific design or installation challenge? We love bringing creative solutions to unique problems. Contact Tiger Systems today to discuss your home surveillance needs and schedule an in-home consultation.