You might have a smartphone, drive a smart car, and work in a smart office but do you live in a smart house? We have partnered with world-class vendors who have been at the leading edge of “smart” home technology for years. We are passionate about bringing the leading-edge innovations in home automation systems to you.

Did you know that a smart home:

  • Knows when you enter a room. Lights can automatically be programmed to turn on and turn off when you leave the same room.
  • Knows if the garage door has been left open (and if it’s past 11pm) to close it!
  • Can regulate the temperature of your home automatically.
  • Sends you a text message to let you know your loved one has arrived home safely.

Tiger Systems works diligently to make the entire smart home automation process easy and headache-free. Give us a call today and learn about our unique style of customer service. Call us to schedule a visit at your home and a personal demonstration.