Tiger Systems is not a typical technology business. In fact, we don’t find many businesses of any type like us. We consult, design, sell products, install and service everything for as long as you own it. What makes us different is that we’ve never been about ‘the sale’. We are totally about ‘the relationship’. That means it’s not doing what’s right for us – it’s doing what’s right for you. Here’s an example. We often recommend that you keep much of your existing equipment rather than purchase new. What? Yes, it’s true. You might own a fair amount of perfectly usable gear that needs a partial upgrade to achieve your goals. So that’s what we’ll recommend. When it comes to Security, you can choose to have us secure your home, and you’ll have the option to have us do your monitoring contract, or not. Frankly, that’s unheard of. But when you consider our relationship to you as the goal and not the immediate sale, you start to see it the way we do. And If you give us the chance, we think you’ll be a customer for a long time. Tiger Systems – since 1985.